Good old times – vom Prop zum Jet

CHF 44.00

Author: Walter Janach
160 pages
224 pictures
21 x 30 cm.
Hardcover with thread stitching
All texts in German



Walter Janach:

“This book is the result of an intense hobby during my education, taken in different locations at different events between 1957 and 1965. Selecting the photos and arranging them into a structure with appropriate titles was not always easy. For example, the DC-8 can be found on both “Basel Runway” and “Douglas DC-8”. The titles are arranged in chronological order for different locations and events and the aircraft types according to the time of their introduction.

The legends of the photos contain the following information:
Airline or Air Force, manufacturer, type of aircraft, location with runway, and date (if known). For the type of aircraft, I have kept to the designation from Wikipedia, so that interested parties can easily find further information on the Internet”.

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