Mit der Tin Lizzy an die entferntesten Ecken Europas

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Author: Bernhard Brägger
144 pages
150 image
25 x 27 cm.
Linen cover with silver embossing, thread binding with dust jacket
All texts in German
Including video about the book for computers and mobile devices

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On his extraordinary journey, Bernhard Brägger picked up exciting stories on the streets left and right and wrote them down. In areas steeped in history, he looked for witnesses and traces of bygone times, photographed and filmed.

The result is the 144-page, 150-image book “With Tin Lizzy to the most distant corners of Europe”. The 48 independent, self-contained, exciting stories, connected only by the travel route, are divided into four topic areas: “On the Road”, “Back to the Past”, “For Racing and Rally Drivers”, “For Atheists and Other Believers.”

Read stories to amaze, to enjoy, to think about, to loathe, or ones with a surprising ending, as this example shows: “On the 23rd. In May 1813, a weathered plaque in Görlitz an der Neisse witnessed Napoleon Bonaparte descending at the dark Rosenstrasse 4 and not – as befits an emperor – at the prominent Obermarkt 29. Napoleon’s entourage also remained silent. Is there a secret “affaire amoureuse” behind this imperial maneuver?”

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