Mountain Hornets

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Authors: Peter Lewis & Aldo Wicki
200 pages
Eight colors
30 x 35.5 x 2.8 cm


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Leave your 2D world far behind and take off into Alpine skies with Swiss Air Force F/A-18s in their natural habitat.
World-class aviation photographers Aldo Wicki and Peter Lewis have created the definitive gallery of visual excellence high up in the skies.

In conjunction with Nikon and the Swiss Air Force, Teammedia is proud to present this exclusive high-quality book which has been created using the very best 8-color printing quality and industry-leading binding to deliver a luxurious aviation photographic book.
Stunning Hornet images intertwined with emotional and mood-inspiring text will guide your flight over Alpine peaks and beyond during foreign deployments.

With an extremely limited run, this sought-after title will grace your library with images that will stand the test of time.

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