Menschen Maschinen Missionen

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180 pages (more than 200 illustrations)
30 x 30cm.



In 2014, the military airfield in Dübendorf celebrated its 100th birthday with the Swiss Air Force. From the first fabric-covered wooden airplanes to legendary machines such as the C-36, Morane, Mustang, Hunter, Mirage, and F/A-18 to transport helicopters, the base in the Glatttal has seen everything over the past 100 years.

The anniversary book describes the history of the airfield based on the people who shaped it but also shows the airplanes, and helicopters – with which the missions were flown from Dübendorf. These missions do not only take place on and around the historic airfield. They have taken Dübendorf pilots and mechanics to Greece, Albania, Israel, and even Sumatra.

Some of the many episodes of the story of the airfield described in the book are:

• The work and early death of the aviation pioneer Oskar Bider.

• A conversation with an American bomber pilot from World War II who made an emergency landing in Switzerland.

• The landing of a Messerschmitt Me 110 in the middle of the war and the political quarrels that followed.

• The reconnaissance missions with the Mirage IIIRS during the Cold War.

• The last take-off of a fighter jet from Dübendorf.

• A glimpse into the future of the airfield area.

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