Vertical View

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Author: Andreas Buslinger
Texts: Köbi Gantenbein, Alex Kobel
Concept: Clemens Steiger
256 pages
35 x 30 x 3 cm.
German / English

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The Baar photographer Andreas Busslinger attracted attention with his photo books with paragliding photographs, which offered the readership a new perspective on things. Now he presents an even more radical change of perspective. He shows us his view of Switzerland from the vertical.

He flew over Switzerland with a paraglider, drone, or other aircraft and photographed the ground below him at a right angle. A view of things that many of us are denied. Precisely because we are not used to seeing things this way, Busslinger’s photos mesmerize, leaving us amazed and puzzled. He organizes his view of things into chapters, calling them points, paintings, figures, or living space – and so his pictures change from the representational to the abstract.

Almost 180 large-format photos take the reader on a journey, supplemented by a legend that localizes the photos and also shows them from an angle, which explains a lot.

The photographs are accompanied by an introductory text by Köbi Gantenbein, co-founder of the renowned Hochparterre magazine. He deals with the development of the Swiss landscape, in all its facets and characteristics, as Andreas also captured with his camera.

Anyone who thinks they know all the nooks and crannies of Switzerland will reach their limits – a vertical view shows unusual views of a Switzerland that has many details to offer.

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